OMG Project – No Holds Barred 2017

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Price : $8084
Just pay : $197
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OMG Project – No Holds Barred 2017

OMG Project – No Holds Barred 2017

Price : $8084
Just pay : $197
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As our massively praised No-Holds-Barred (NHB) training, coaching, and mastermind program enters its 5th year in 2017…

Whether you are new to online business or have been making a go at it for years, NHB members are shouting from the rooftops that this is the place to be in 2017!

From the desk of Mike Long, Miami, FL

Mike Long here on behalf of myself, Kotton Grammer, Greg Morrison, David Mills, Liz Herrera, Joshua Fletcher, Joe Marfoglio, and Stephen Floyd.

Dec 3rd: NHB (no-holds-barred) 2017 early-bird registration is now closed. Email Mike (omg @ if you have any questions. We’ll open for normal registration on December 26th!

Also: those who sign up in Nov or Dec will be able to take advantage of our new low monthly 16 payment plan option. (Once January starts, we’ll go to our more traditional 12 payment option, which means somewhat higher monthly payments.)

Be sure to check out our shocking #PoweredByOMG Instagram channel by clicking here!

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Plus there is this incredible earnings reports page! Click here!

Then make sure to also check out our incredible testimonials page!

I don’t want to put any pressure on you, but I suggest you read this immediately, because you’ve never seen a place like OMG before, and our year-long program for 2017 is starting very soon…

Here’s why – the OMG (One Man Gang) NHB (No Holds Barred) formula:

You get an immediate advantage: all of our training, up front, straight from people who are currently having massive success and showing you just how they are doing it. You’ll learn from the best of the best how to harness search engines to get free traffic, which will serve as your foundation. Then you’ll learn how to monetize your free traffic ability. You can do one or all of: client consulting, Amazon, eCommerce, your own products, and/or affiliate marketing. CPA, call-tracking.

Our training includes step-by-step, and also demonstration of actual websites and product listings, and also discussion. Be warned: we have a LOT of training, at this point, but you don’t need to master all or even most of it in order to create or increase your income. Our training is all by people who are currently doing exactly what they are training about and having massive success.

You get an ongoing advantage: ongoing updates, additional training, incredible and exclusive resources, additional demonstration, and consistent live Q&A and Discussion “Office Hours” webinars with our coaches who are at or well above the $50,000/month level with their own, outside-of-OMG duplicatable online businesses. Our coaches are also in-sync with each other doing their own versions of the same basic formula (free traffic + monetization). You will have options, but it all forms a coherent and integrated whole. This ongoing advantage will continue through all of 2017!

You get a permanent advantage: you have permanent access to your training and membership area, and you are a permanent member of our exclusive, vibrant, positive, and professional Facebook group and subgroups.

You are also permanently eligible to participate in NHB again in future years for approx a 75% discount through our “Director’s Cut” program!

As an OMG’er, you are on the permanent inside track to success online, and are permanently surrounded, encouraged, and helped by hundreds of other people having similar success.

Here’s how it all happened:

When I was starting out with trying to build wealth on the internet, about 10 years ago, I just wanted one thing, but it was incredibly hard to find, at any price. What I wanted was to see it working for real, to see somebody who had a working business, and to see that business over their shoulder, and be able to ask them questions. I wanted to see how they were really getting their traffic (visitors to their web pages) and how they were converting those visitors into customers, and how much money they were really making.

You hear all sorts of claims, but I so desperately wanted the reality behind the claims. And I didn’t just want little pieces of reality, which could give me a very distorted picture of what was really going on and cause me to run off in all sorts of wrong and unproductive directions. Could even one person who was making money just show me what was really going on and answer some questions I might have about it?

Essentially, no.

I couldn’t buy that anywhere. They were selling packaged courses showing a sanitized version of things, like a collection of lessons that they thought would sound good. People selling these courses were, in many cases, really making some money, and they really knew some valuable things, but everything you could buy ended up being piecemeal and incomplete and so much of it contradicted other sources, much like trying to figure out from gurus what health food is really best to eat.

I ended up falling back on skills that helped me become popular in High School. I wasn’t like one of those bullies shown in high school movies, but I was good at bringing people together and having a wide circle of friends. For whatever reason, that ability comes naturally to me. Using it, I was able to get invited to really come to the actual homes and offices of successful internet money-getters, and see what they were really depositing each day into their bank accounts and see how the money was being made.

I saw how they got their web traffic, how they made their sales, and also they explained to me how they made or found products to sell or promote. I’ll forever be grateful to the handful of people who helped me in that way. I’m certain that those generous people shaved ten or twenty years off of how long, if ever, it would have otherwise taken me to succeed.

With their help, my success was nearly instantaneous. When you absolutely know that it is for real, and when you have seen how it all really works, it is like a switch flips inside of you, and everything is just so much easier and certain.


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