Brad Sugars – Competitive Edge Seminar

$100.00 $42.00

Price : $100
Just pay : $42

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Brad Sugars – Competitive Edge Seminar

Brad Sugars – Competitive Edge Seminar

Price : $100
Just pay : $42

A set of 12 Cassettes of a 2 day seminar with multi-millionaire business coach, Brad Sugars, designed to give you the competitive edge in your business. This informative and entertaining series will set you on the path to success – and you will have fun at the same time!

1. Multiplying your turnover
2. Strategic niche marketing
3. How to write ads that sell
4. The secret of powerful sales communication
5. Sales made simple
6. Loyalty marketing
7. Building a referral-based business
8. Making customer service pay
9. Leadership, you and your business
10. Building a championship team
11. How to be a true entrepreneur

Find out how Brad did it. The master himself is now worth well over $100 million and still only 35 years old!


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