Brent Dunn – Advanced Optimization With IP Targeting

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Brent Dunn - Advanced Optimization With IP Targeting

Brent Dunn – Advanced Optimization With IP Targeting


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(Course Last Updated 9/17/2016)

Learn How To Make A Profit From Mobile Content Offers!

Thank you to over 350 students who are already well on their way to running more successful campaigns!

In this course you will learn how I grab all the best traffic by creating my own IP targeting lists….

Without having to spend an arm and a leg on data.

If you are currently running 1-click, 2-click flows or any offer that requires you to get proper carrier targeting, then this course is for you.

Not only will it teach you how to use the data you already have to find hidden profits…


It will teach you how to create entire whitelist & blacklist IP lists from scratch.

Don’t have much data?

Learn how to take the little bit of data you have and turn it into a highly profitable campaign.

Very few people know how to do what I’m about to show you…By learning what I share in this course will give you a huge competitive advantage.

Who is this course for?

  • Anyone who is running mobile offers that require proper carrier targeting
  • Those of you who want a leg up on all of your competition


Without knowing how to create your own custom IP lists, you are going to have a hard time running any mobile offers…after today.


Because all the smart affiliates that took this course will be taking all the high converting traffic… while the rest of you are fighting over scraps.

….Are you ready to harness the secrete to running successful mobile content offers?

What are the requirements?

No matter if you’re a novice marketer just starting out, or consider yourself a pro there is something you will learn in this course.

This course is going to teach you a technique that only a handful of Super Affiliates know.

Scrapebox is required to take full advantage of this course.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • An advanced targeting technique that will allow you to get the cream of the crop from traffic sources
  • Approach paid traffic sources with confidence
  • You will learn how to create your own IP whitelists & blacklists


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