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Crazy Kala 2.0 – With OTO1

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Crazy Kala 2.0 – With OTO1

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Crazy Kala 2.0 - With OTO1

Crazy Kala 2.0 – With OTO1

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Get Crazy Kala 2.0 – With OTO1 right now!

World’s Best Graphic Designing Suite Create High Converting Ads, Visually Appealing Web Banners, Book Covers, Business Cards, Flyers, Social Media Covers

Drag & Drop Editor helps you create professional graphics with few clicks of a mouse! Save hours of time, headache & 100s of dollars every month on graphics.

  • Create Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, G+ Ads, Banners, T-Shirt Desgins Ready Within Minutes
  • 300+ Done For You High Converting Graphics/Design Templates
  • Newbie Friendly – Fully Tested, No Tech Skills Required
  • Cloud Based, No Installation needed, 24/7 Uptime*
  • Access to 10 Million+ Royalty Free Images
  • 1000+ Special Shapes Elements & Backgrounds
  • Stunning 2D Book Covers – In Few Clicks

Using CrazyKala Is As EASY AS 1-2-3…

This is a web application that caters features/requirements WANTED by millions bloggers and marketers for a long long time…

All you have to do is…


Select any template of your choice and get instant access to hundreds of high converting, pre-made templates inside our library


Edit Anything You Want – image, text, font, background, and shapes, you can edit as you wish. You can add your own images or use one of 10 Million pre-loaded images!


Publish your designs to any website/blog, social media, save it, or download to your system for future use.

CrazyKala Allows ANYONE, Even The “Graphically Challenged” To Come Up With High Converting Infographics & Beautiful Designs Within Minutes. Not To Mention, The Huge Savings To Your Wallet!


You’ll never have to spend more than 5 seconds finding images or fire up a heavy photo-editing software to create your website content or blog posts…

Surprising Fact

Over 96% of websites and blog on the internet have at least 2 images.

THE FACT IS: Images capture the attention of your visitors and they make your website look more appealing.

Ratio of image to video use in ads was 91:09 in 2017 which showcases that over 90% of ads contained designs or graphics and only 9% ads used video.

That’s real proof that your online appearance is represented by majorly by your websites design, social media profiles, banners, ads, infographics, covers etc.

A First Time Visitor Will Leave Your Site Within Seconds If Your Website Is Plain Or Not Engaging Because Plain Look It Lacks Infographics Or Contains Unprofessional Designs.

Of the businesses that close down each year due to lack of traffic/customers, 90% do so because of poor online presence..

In order to compete on the Internet in 2018, it’s IMPORTANT to have a strong online presene and brand.

Business experts agree, content and design play a viral role in customer retention.

Design should be a priority. Visual appearance is the FIRST thing to engage visitors and plays a crucial role in client perception of your brand.

To beat the competition with visitor engagement, your brand should have a visual presence and strong graphic design.

To Do So, You Have 3 Options:

Pay hundreds of dollars for designers who may or may not deliver the designs of your choice and will re-bill even for small changes and additions.

Time spent giving instructions, only to get back something completely different.

Learn how to work with complex and difficult software which requires classroom training and lots of technical knowledge to create an average design.

When you should be using that time actually building and expanding your business…

Get Crazy Kala 2.0 – With OTO1 on right now!


World’s Most Powerful, Easy To Use & Complete Online Graphics Design Suite!

  • Create Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, G+ Ads & Banners Ready Within Minutes
  • T-Shirt Design – Create Custom Tee Design
  • 300+ Done For You High Converting Graphics/Design Templates
  • Newbie Friendly – Fully Tested, No Tech Skills Required
  • Create & Edit Unlimited Images In Any Size
  • Cloud Based, No Installation needed, 24/7 Uptime
  • Access to 10 Million+ Royalty Free Images
  • 1000+ Special Shapes Elements & Backgrounds
  • Stunning 2D Book Covers – In Few Clicks

See The Quick Demo Here

How To Create Designs Using
Templates & From Scratch!

Watch Me Create A Facebook Cover For
My FB Profile From Scratch in Minutes! World’S Best Graphic Designing Suite Which Create Sleek Beautiful Designs, Stunning Graphics, Presentations And Visually Appealing Images.

Fully Featured & Easiest Drag Drop Graphic Editor Which Creates Professional Designs And Layouts Within Minutes.

Now You Can Find, Edit, Create, Re-Touch & Share Images/Graphics Within Few Seconds …

  • Imagine finding any image you want for your content in just 5 seconds.
  • Imagine never having to waste time on menial tasks.
  • Imagine adding 100+ special effects in 1-click to any image/graphics.
  • Imagine having access to over 10 MILLION images on your fingertips.
  • Imagine becoming an awesome graphic editor/ designer without any technical or Photo Shop skills.
  • Imagine spending seconds, not HOURS, making your content look amazing with high quality images & designs.

You’ll Never Have to Leave Your Site to Find & Edit Images While Creating Content…

  • No more spending hours and hours finding the right image for your blog/website.
  • No need to ever spend money buying expensive stock photos or graphics; we’re going to GIVE YOU over 10 million!
  • Never hire Virtual assistants, image editors or graphics guys to edit your images.
  • No more working with the heavy desktop softwares or costly web applications which demand months of learning time.
  • No need to make any HUGE investments (of both time and money).
  • No life-draining tech skills required – this is soooo simple & easy.
  • Never worry about the required Ad Sizes, as CrazyKala has them pre-built in!

CrazyKala Allows You To Create…

  • YouTube Covers
  • Facebook Covers
  • Facebook ads & Banner ads
  • Twitter Covers
  • Google Plus Covers
  • Pinterest – Board Covers & Pins
  1. Square Pop Up
  2. Wide Skyscraper
  3. Medium Rectangle
  4. Vertical
  5. Leader board
  6. Full Banners
  • Kindle Covers
  • Ebook Covers
  • Business cards
  • Flyers
  • Design & create a custom Tee design
  • Create a flyer, banner or anything of any size

The POWER PACKED Features INSIDE CrazyKala That Make it SO POWERFUL…

(and give your Online Presence/ Website Superpowers)

Finds You 10 Million+ Royalty-free Images From Multiple Top Sources

Finding the right image for your blog content or website can be hard. It can take hours to pick the one that fits your site best. Searching 100s of websites is not easy and time-wasting. That’s why we made is EXTREMELY SIMPLE. Our 1-click search finds over 10 million images within seconds.

1-Click Crop, Resize, Rotate and Edit

Finding a perfect size image could be difficult. Most times, these images get distort. Our quick 1-click edit feature makes it extremely simple to get the right size/shape of the image you want.

Complete Image Editing Suite

The #1 feature that makes this plugin a must-have for every Website owner. The fully featured click & drag editor! It allows you to create, edit, re-touch, optimize and add effects to any number of images – watch our DEMO and you’ll see how simple and extremely effective this is.

Unlimited Layers Support Inside The Editor

Only very few online image editing program provide complex layering systems and that too with high prices.

We’ve added LAYERS to CrazyKala so it allows you to do the most advanced editing to create complex images fast. CrazyKala is a COMPLETE Image Editing & Design Suite

100+ Special Text Fonts For Your Infographics

Fonts play a vital role in content presentation on infographics. We have selected the 100 best, most eye-popping fonts to enhance the value of your design and engage customers in the best way. Now you can apply a COMBINATION of 100+ effects to your images and create an unlimited variety of graphics.

300+ Ready Made, FULLY Tested, Proven & High Converting Ad and Banner Templates

You will have the privilege of using our high-converting, tried-and-tested templates from each category of banners and ads.

YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Website Banners, Side Banners etc. You name it! Templates are prebuilt and ready to edit and use in less than 5 minutes. We have done it all for you. Just edit and publish.

Thousands of Shapes in the most popular niches

Use any of below:
– Design Elements
– Arts
– Shape
– Swirls
– Retro
– Draw Designs

My Designs

Your designs are auto-saved as templates so there is no need to invest your time on repetition. Design it once, and it will be available for unlimited future use.

Zoom In/Zoom Out

Use the built-in zoom in/zoom out feature to shape your art with precision.

Must-Have Branding Machine For Every Online Business

Business Websites

Create polished and professional website graphics, rich with imagery and customised logos and banners. Your online presence will feature elite branding and and a retina responsive look.


You’ll have access to the biggest collection of images, text fonts, editing features and much more! Create attractive featured images for your posts, image posts, websites sliders. This takes just few minutes.

Entice your readers with eye-popping images and infographics and get them to your blogs again and again.

CPA Offer

Using all types of banners, you will be able to publish and run your promotion campaign in about 5 minutes.

Stay ahead of the competition while others try and second guess your game plan. Capture leads with the best landing pages.

eCOM & Affiliate Marketing

As an eCom marketer and affiliate marketer you need tons of highly attractive images for your product posts, special offers, discounts, social media posts and many. Crazykala will make your life much easier.

Meme Generation

Memes are one of the most viral things on the internet today. They can send you tons of engagement, branding and traffic when done smartly.

With Crazykala and it’s features, you can create stunning, eye catching memes in any niche in minutes.

Tee Spring

If you run T-shirt campaigns, then Crazykala is a breath of fresh air for you. You can design your T-shirts in just few steps and see exactly how it looks on a Tee or Hoodie.

Kindle Marketing

Good looking, attractive covers are much more important when you’re into Kindle Marketing. You’ll have access to the biggest collection of images, text fonts, editing features and much more!

Create eye-catching, attractive Kindle covers on your own with Crazykala with just few clicks.

Mobile App Landing Pages

You’ll have access to the biggest collection of images, text fonts, editing features and much more!

Entice your readers with eye-popping images and infographics as well as memes created from CrazyKala.

Brick & Mortar Marketing

You will be able to build your promotional materials, flyers, business cards, banners in few minutes.

Stay ahead of the competition while others try and second guess your game plan. Capture more leads with the best landing pages.

PPC Promotions

Run paid ads to your website or pages or do media buying?

Using all types of banners, leaderboard ads, sky scrapper ads, box ads and all kind of ads, you will be able to publish and run your promotion campaign in about 5 minutes.


Get the Commercial License with our Elite Plan and you’ll be able to create banner ads, social media covers, business cards, ebook or kindle covers for your clients in minutes and charge them for your services.

Or just start an Agency and provide designing services to your clients while your ful-fill them with Crazykala in minutes.

CrazyKala’s Access Provides You With..

  1. CrazyKala App

Best and most complete online image editing suite integrated with Latest WYSIWYG Click Drag technology will give wings to your creativity.

  1. Video Training

Although simple to use, we have made step-by-step training so you are well versed with all of the tools and features CrazyKala has to offer. Within 30 minutes or less, you will be using CrazyKala like a PRO!

  1. 24/7 Support Staff

Have questions? You can reach out to our friendly support staff any time, any day for assistance.

  1. 100 Free Templates

We’re providing you premium, high converting templates which can be used with multi-purpose and in variety of themes.

  1. Access to MILLIONS of Images

You could visit individual stock image sites, pay their high prices, and waste time searching for and editing those images.
OR you could get the best image options using keywords, then compare and edit instantly and have your design ready in no time.

  1. Latest WYSIWYG Click Drag Technology

This is most advanced technology in online editing tools. CrazyKala is the fastest tool amongst all of them – using less steps to do the same work.

Check Out These “SPECIAL FAST ACTION” Bonuses You’ll Get FREE If You Buy Today!


Special LIVE Webinar For Crazykala Members! [Value: $197]

You’ve never seen something like this. We’ll reveal how you can make 6-figures with Crazykala using Canvas Art and eCom. Lazy Canvas is the gateway to getting into niche markets in e-commerce.

Using the Canvas Art niche as our case study, we teach in great detail how to making a killing with Art, leveraging Google, Esty, Pinterest, and Facebook ads. This is a course you do not want to miss.


Viral Infographic Traffic [Value: $67]

Discover how to get tons of traffic to your sites using visual Infographics… starting today. This 9 part video course shows how you can start creating your very own professional infographics and attract visitors like crazy!

Learn the secret weapons on how to make your InfoGraphics go viral so you can really get results that you want!


Pinterest Traffic Strategy [Value: $37]

How to get high quality traffic from Pinterest Images! You’ll discover all the “secret” and easy to implement techniques that you can use to make passive income month after month without any additional work!

Use Crazykala to create highly attractive, click getting Pinterest boards and pins to get generate tons of traffic to your sites.


Build Your Brand With Instagram Images [Value: $37]

How to build your brand with Instagram Images! Secret ways to grow your followers, how to post eye-catching, highly engaging images on Instagram. Find out how to build your brand with Instagram Images and turn your followers into paying customers.

Get Crazy Kala 2.0 – With OTO1 right now!
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