IfraNullah – 2016 Level I Crash Course

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Price : $250
Just pay : $52
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IfraNullah - 2016 Level I Crash Course

IfraNullah – 2016 Level I Crash Course

Price : $250
Just pay : $52
Sale Page :

This is where your learning and exam preparation will all come together”

The objective of the crash course is to cover the most important points from each topic, to make you practice exam like questions and to crystallize your concepts through Q&A.

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The Basic Crash Course gives you:

  1. Downloadable Summary videos of each reading for all topics (about 15 hours) with the Slides
  2. Library of curriculum’s Solved Example videos for reach reading (about 28 hours)
  3. Summary Notes. A summary of Learning Outcomes
  4. Question Bank with over 3,000 practice questions (both online and pdf versions)
  5. Formula sheet for all topics
  6. Q&A videos.  These videos have step-by-step solutions to real Level I problems (will be released as per a schedule)
  7. IFT Level I full length Mock exam (240 Questions)

Price $150

(existing Level I Basic “Plus” only students can pay $99 – login before proceeding)

The Crash Course with Questions & Answers

You will get all above materials and the ability to ask your own questions! Ask specific questions and get your answers in a video from Arif Irfanullah.  Questions need to be related to the CFA Program curriculum, any IFT material, CFA Institute examples practice questions or mock exams. Questions need to be asked per a schedule. In addition you will also receive a Quiz for each topic!


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